La Lotería Mexican slot
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La Lotería Mexican slot machine

La Lotería Mexicana Bonus has a peculiar Mexican chant when the cards are drawn. Moreover, it has the advantage of having a simple interface so that both experienced players and beginners can enjoy betting without any difficulty. If you want, visit our website to play this online bingo. 

Design: Mexico in all its splendour

The name of the game reveals its most important features. First of all, everywhere in the game you find references to Mexican culture in relation to lottery. The flag, the colours, the draw corner and the joyful touch that characterises them. Second, the word “bonus” refers to the special features that this video bingo has. 

In the top right corner you can see the icon of a key. When clicking on it, a screen full of lucky charms appears. The player can choose the one they prefer to be accompanied by a charm during all the games. 

Basic features, payout and wagering


In the main game, this video bingo features 6 boards of 4 rows and 4 columns each. On the checkerboard icon the player can choose the number of boards, with the maximum being 6 and the minimum 1. 

The player has the possibility to change boards as long as he is not in the middle of a game. By clicking on the large board, the boards change symbols randomly. 

To start, the player must press the arrow button symbolising play, as we can see in the image below. The cards will immediately be drawn and placed on the right hand side of the screen. The drawn symbols which match the symbols on the board will be marked with a bean. 

Paylines and Bets

The paylines in La Lotería Mexicana Bonus, and their values, are located at the top of the screen. The amounts vary according to the bet selected. The bet size ranges from 6 to 120, and a jackpot can only be achieved with a bet equal to or greater than 18. 

Special features

La Lotería Mexican

Extra Ball

The “Extra Ball” special feature will be randomly activated. With this feature, you have the possibility to draw up to 10 extra cards. The value of each card increases according to the possibility of obtaining a winning combination. 


This special feature can be randomly activated at any time. The player has to choose a symbol from the board. Otherwise, the game chooses the symbol that completes the winning line with the highest value according to the possible combinations. 


On some of the paylines at the top of the main game is the word “Bonus”. When the player gets this combination, the Bonus feature is activated. A screen with 8 types of canteens will automatically appear. Seven of them hide big prizes and only one hides the “Exit” button, which takes the player out of the Bonus feature. 

If the player has any questions, he can clarify them by clicking on the question mark on the bottom line of the screen, where the rules of the game are. Finally, we can say that the special features of this video bingo are the ones that give the player the most chances to win. Thanks to the extrovert and fun theme of this video bingo, it is a great option to have fun betting. 

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